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I find myself to be a contrarian at times, so as a painter, the description of a “contemporary traditionalist” is fitting. It reflects my effort to use imagery that is clearly current while honoring the tradition of painting. My narratives are told with characters and scenes that are ordinary in our modern world. My paintings are material records of the places and people who have been significant to me in my personal experience.
But remember, this material record is only paint on a surface. I don’t want you to lose sight that the painting is an object by itself. I continually experiment with the paint and surface and texture, so that it has a life separate from the subject it describes. The image is not photorealistic, but rather sumptuously painted by any means necessary, whether it is impasto paint with palette knives or thin glazes of color.

I can share this imagery honestly, because it is the one I know. Through a personal lens, I discover and re-tell themes that make up our human experience. They are always found on the edge of our own personal borders of space and time.
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