• 24 Jul 2015
  • 30 Oct 2015
  • GraySpace Gallery

3 Melodies will feature local artists Charlene Broudy, Carolyn Fox and Steven Gilbar. Charlene Broudy works to create colorful abstractions in acrylic on panel and canvas. She has been working as a fine artist and designer, producing paintings inspired by the

vibrancy of Costa Rica, where she and her husband created the resort hotel, Xandari. Immersed in painting the Ojai valley since the 1980’s, Carolyn Fox is also inspired by her surrounding landscape with its lush gardens, oak trees, and ring of tall arid mountains. Her new body of work, “Roller Paintings,” are the product of experimentation with a new process that allows for luxuriously wide, flowing lines of color, creating large

curves and compositions. The paintings’ consistent interplay of cool and warm with intense and muted color possess an elemental feel of rock, water, sand, and sky. Steven Gilbar is a self-taught artist originally inspired by the collage of architect Richard

Meyer. From there, his work evolved from collage into mixed media and finally painting. His process, while intuitive, continues to draw from the artists and history of those before him.

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