Drought Resistant: Megan Mueller

  • 01 Jul 2015
  • 31 Jul 2015
  • CJM::LA

Megan Mueller is known as a sculptor who assembles tactile full color/pattern drenched objects. She is a artist who is unafraid of any medium, moving between cast concrete and wood constructions at will. Her work doesn’t so much walk a tightrope as swing wildly on the slack rope of surprise and improvisation. She is just as likely to mine the language of the rural Virginian countryside of her birth as to harvest the feeling of cold urban landscapes. She is a sculptor with limitless humor and innovation.

Mueller received her MFA from UCSB, a BFA in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BA in Political Science from George Washington University. She has shown recently at Long Beach Arts Exchange, Shangrila, The Glassbox Gallery, (e)merge Art Fair with Transformer Gallery, Some other time travel, California State University Channel Island, INTERWEB, curated by Ana Torok, Grand Art Haus, GLAMFA 2014, University of California Long Beach, Drift & Fixation, curated by Kai Tepper, Arts Fund Santa Barbara, Spectacular Subdivisions, curated by Jay Lizo, High Desert Test Sites and Monte Vista Projects,  2008

The three artists in DROUGHT RESISTANT, Cathy Ellis, Megan Mueller, and Jenalee Harmon, are contemporary experts within their individual disciplines and regularly show their work nationally. The series is curated by Patrick Melroy. The idea for DROUGHT RESISTANT came from a creative conversation between CJM::LA principal Courtney Miller and several artists within the community. The substance of the discussion surrounded the desperate need for more quality venues for contemporary art within the very rich cultural center of Santa Barbara. Miller engaged curator Patrick Melroy who in turn invited three artists who have persevered through the shortage of show space and continued to advance their artistic practice despite not having a lot of room to spread out. The title of the series was entirely the idea of artist Megan Mueller.

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