Geometry of the Absurd: Recent Paintings by Peter Halley

  • 08 Nov 2015
  • 21 Feb 2016
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Using distinctive materials including Day-Glo acrylics and Roll-a-Tex, Peter Halley’s paintings present variations of geometric forms that he and others have designated as prisons, cells, and conduits. Due to their visual associations with modern and contemporary architecture and design, electronic and digital models, and social systems, Halley’s paintings serve as metaphors for—a vast range of cultural phenomena. In particular, his intense and often dazzling combination of colors and connecting shapes may be perceived as allegories for many of the physical and conceptual elements the Information Age. Featuring eight iconic paintings by the artist produced from 2007 through 2015, this is Halley’s first solo museum exhibition in the Western U.S. The exhibition title references the tendency of “open” systems to farcically disguise closed loops.

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