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5 Ways Artists Can (and Should) Use Social Media

28 Feb 2017 7:01 PM | Anonymous

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: social media is a must for marketing. However, just because you have accounts set up doesn’t mean you are using social media well. Successful social media marketing goes beyond simply posting pictures of your work online. But don’t be discouraged —  there are a few easy things artists can do on social media that go a long way toward building a loyal following. 

Always Post Images

Whether you're Tweeting, Instagramming, or posting on Facebook, analysis shows that posts with photos perform substantially better than those without. According to HubSpot, Tweets with images get 1.5 times as much engagement as those without, while the rate is even higher on Facebook, at 2.3 times as much [1]. You’re an artist, so use your aesthetic strengths to your advantage by accompanying all posts with interesting visuals. Bonus points if they're your own work!

Build Community

Social media is a wonderful ay to network and even connect with artists around the world. You can use Facebook and Twitter to build a supportive community among fellow artists or people otherwise involved in your industry. 

 Don’t be afraid to share other artists’ work — they may just do the same. Be sure to tag their pages so mentions get traced back to their own page. Likewise, curating an interesting feed of news bits and thoughtful articles related to art positions you as a leader within the artistic community whom people will begin to look to for content.

Use Hashtags

If you need a crash course, a hashtag is a word or series of words with no spaces preceded by a pound sign (for example, #vangogh is a hashtag). A hashtag automatically links to all other instances of the tag within Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (but only within the platform you’re using).

Use the same hashtag for your work any time you post. Like a digital signature, a simple but distinctive hashtag can be a great of branding yourself on social media. It's a simple way for fans and potential collectors to aggregrate your work digitally. This is especially great for visually based mediums such as Instagram and Pinterest, where you can build digital galleries of physical pieces you've created and photographed.

Create Facebook Events

When you have an upcoming exhibition, lecture, or any other important event, use the Facebook events feature to create an online “event.” Unlike an event listing on a website or digital calendar, this method of event promotion takes on a life of its own.

 Once a fan indicates their interest on the event page, Facebook will continue to remind them if there are important updates, wall posts, and (most importantly) when the event rolls around. Facebook events are an easy way to snowball your efforts because they’re super easy for friends to share with their own networks. This viral capability means your event has the potential to reach many more people than just your own friends.

Pull Back the Curtain

Last but not least, pull back the curtain! Share behind-the-scenes snippets to reveal upcoming projects and get followers curious about what you’re working on at the moment. Posting unedited snapshots — as opposed to only showing the finished product — can help followers relate to and ultimately connect with your work on a more personal level.

Instagram stories and Snapchat are great great apps to use for this purpose because your posts will disappear within 24 hours. Posting frequently keeps fans coming back for more, because they won’t want to miss an ephemeral story from you.



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