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The Granada is seeking proposals for a public art project

25 Apr 2018 12:14 PM | Peter Otte (Administrator)

The Jurkowitz Center for Community Engagement, a program of the Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts (SBCPA), is inviting local artists from Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties to submit a proposal for a large scale work of art to be displayed on The Granada paseo wall.

“Day in and day out, whether they’re coming to the Granada Theatre or just to State Street, there are thousands of people throughout the week that will have the opportunity to enjoy this work of art,” says David Grossman, Director of Community Engagement for the The Jurkowitz Center. “There are only so many vehicles, so to speak, in Santa Barbara that allow you to create something so unique in size, with the ability to reach as many people as that alleyway does. The Funk Zone has had its canvases, but this part of upper State Street has very limited opportunities for that kind of exposure.”

The Granada paseo wall, currently 91 feet in length, connects State Street with The Granada Garage. As a part of the project, a 46-foot extension wall will be added. The artists’ “canvas” will therefore include the 8 feet, 10 inches from the ground — up to the visible ledge —  on the existing wall, as well as the newly created, 8-foot tall wall, for a total of over 1000 square feet.

Artists are asked to submit proposals that communicate and promote the performing arts within the ‘character and spirit’ of Santa Barbara through the use of design, color, and subject matter appropriate for public viewers of all ages. Submissions must be artistically engaging and sufficiently stimulating so as to start conversation, foster interaction, and evoke appreciation by the general public.

“We do not want to limit anybody’s creative energy in terms of how they would interpret this direction. If you know Santa Barbara, you know how it feels to be a part of this community — focusing that towards the performing arts will create or elicit the artistic juices in whichever way the artist chooses,” Grossman continues. “Be true to yourself. Submit not what you think those making the final decision may want, but what you’re all about and what best reflects your vision for the artwork.”

A selection committee composed of stakeholders of the neighborhood, the city of Santa Barbara, local business owners, and the SBCPA has been assembled for the project. Members will review all completed proposals and invite up to three semifinalists for an interview. From there, one finalist will be selected for the commission.

All proposal materials must be submitted electronically by 6:00 PM on May 13. For more information on the The Plaza Granada Mural Project, click here.

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