How do I create an art portfolio?

You may create as many photo albums as you wish. But in order to do so, your membership must be activated first and the annual fee must be paid.

1 - Log in to the site. Then click on “View Profile.”

2 - Next, click on Member photo albums. You’ll find it here:

3 - If you haven't created an album before, click on the "Create album" button. Since I already created an album, I'm going to select the "Add album" button instead:

4 - You will then be prompted to create an album on the next popup screen.

If this is your illustration portfolio, then call it “My Illustrations” for example and then enter a brief description, such as “My favorite portraits of friends here in Santa Barbara.” You can then upload your artwork into the album. We recommend saving your image files as jpegs, the ideal format for image files. You can however also upload .gif, .png, and .tif files. Just be aware that larger files will take longer to load, which can be a little aggravating for those trying to look at your artwork over a wireless cellular network.

How do I write a description for my art portfolio?

1 - While logged in, click on "View Profile and then "Member photo albums."

Member Photo Albums 2 - Select your album. In this example I selected "Cartoons (5)" where 5 refers to the number of works in that particular album.

Select Album
3 - Click on the Edit Details button.

Edit Details Button

4 - Fill in the description text for your album in the Edit Details dialog. When you're satisfied, click Submit.

Edit Details Dialog

How do I add a caption for each work?

Please note that you first need to log in to your account before taking the steps below.

1)  Log in to your profile with your username and password. Click on “Member photo albums”.

Clck Member Photo Album

2) Next, click on the link text of any gallery. In this example, I’m going to click on “Ancients (9)”, where 9 refers to the number of images in the gallery.

Select Gallery

3) Now you're inside the gallery. Click on any thumbnail to add a caption.

Click Thumbnail

4) A larger version of the artwork now appears. Now look in the lower left corner for the “Add caption” link.

Add Caption
5) Now a little text field opens up. Enter your caption text and click the save button.

Empty Caption Box

6) Here is what the caption looks like after I enter it. Now I notice I want to insert a space before Italian. Just click on Edit.

Unedited Caption
7) Now the caption box appears again. I insert the space (or make any edits I want) and press save again.

Edit Caption

8) Here’s how it looks now. You’re done with this one.

Edited Caption

To continue with other images in the same gallery, go back to step 3) and repeat the steps. When you are done adding captions to all the images in the same gallery, then go back to step 2) and choose a different gallery and repeat the steps.

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